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rachel chambers

Rachel L. Chambers, MS, ALC License # ALC04108
under Supervision of Mary Elaine Gamel-Rasco SLPC License # 2177/80

My former experience before counseling was teaching art in the public school system. However, after ten years of considering a field in counseling, I walked away from teaching to pursue the possibility for counseling. Becoming clinical support for a local prison system in their Residential Therapeutic Community.  It was there seeds were planted to go forward into counseling. Then working as their Transitions Facilitator teaching life skills to inmates leaving prison, the opportunity arose to go back to school when the funds for that position ended. I went back to college for my master's in 2016. 

This journey has led me to working at a methadone clinic, then with foster children, and then with a group practice, but not quite fitting into those environments.  I desired to open my own practice from a faith-based perspective. Last year, I volunteered with the Women's Resource Center, a Christian organization in Atmore, helping pregnant women in need of assistance. It was very rewarding, but also limiting, so I obtained new supervision to help guide me in private practice. Here I am.  I am happy to see clients who are okay with incorporating faith into their counseling. 

Referencing Merriam =Websters dictionary, the Greek meaning of the word psychology comes from "psyche" meaning "breath, principle of life, life, soul". Logia means "speech, word, reason". So, in essence, the study of the mind could be considered the study of the soul. Th, injury, de word "counsel" means to advise. Therapy means "medical treatment of impairment. injury, disease, or disorder. So, it is my job to recognize disorder of the mind which stems from your soul. One cannot be removed from the other, but recognizing mind issues can affect soul issues and vice versa. Finding balance, or forming balance, by renewing one's mind is the focus of Cee New Counseling. Working with you to help get to the core issues and then redirecting, restructuring, reframing thoughts that are damaging and hurtful to the very soul, and finding a new direction that leads to wholeness and healing. Many people have avoided faith, discounted it altogether, or have chosen to incorporate faith into their lives. To turn away from how these two work together, mind and spirt, is to neglect a very integral part of the psyche' to live a balanced walk through this life. Are you out of balance? Let's get to the core of it and find answers.

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